Association of Evangelicals in Africa

May 2023

Africa is now the epicentre of the Christian Faith. Of the six hundred million Evangelicals in the world, two hundred million live in the African continent, meaning that for every three Evangelicals in the world, one of them lives in Africa. The implication is that, now Africa bears the responsibility of championing the cause of the Christian Faith. AEA is the symbol of unity of the two hundred million and champions the transformation agenda of Africa under the LONG TERM VISION INSIGNIA-THE AFRICA GOD WANTS. The organization has encapsulated its mission as to mobilize and empower evangelicals for the transformation of the African continent under five Strategic Pillars;

  1. Integral Mission
  2. Theological Christian Education,
  3. Communication and Advocacy, and
  4. Technology and Research
  5. Institutional Development

AEA has a line-up of activities that will guide its programmatic and transformation agenda as follows;

  • Unify Evangelicals in the Continent and the diaspora as well as Pan-African Christians to champion the destiny of the continent,
  • To advance the gospel through resilience and unified action,
  • Research-led programmatic agenda on matters concerning children including orphans, women empowerment, the youth, poverty alleviation, peace-building and conflict mediation, persecutions of Christians etc.
  • Advocacy on matters of freedom of worship, persecution of the minority, pursuing observer status at the African Union, legislative reforms etc.
  • Relief development that addresses matters on poverty, health and prevention of human trafficking.
  • Creation care and global warming awareness.
  • Digital Podcasts and build-up towards Radio and Television Broadcasts.
  • Operationalize AEA, Leadership development and Resource Centre

This fundraising initiative is aimed at raising money for leadership development and capacity building to achieve AEA’s strategic goals. Africa is now at the global center stage, and Africans and all well-wishers must position her to play the critical and expected role.

A Partnership with AEA is a partnership towards Transformation and a partnership towards The Africa that God Wants.

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