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Uniting Evangelicals in Africa for Holistic Ministries that Make a Difference.


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aea-special-marker-32National members include denominations, local churches, para-churches groups and mission agencies

  • AEC Alliance des Evangeliques du Cam

    Secrétaire Général: Rév. Dr. Alphonse TEYABE

  • Alliance des Evangeliques en Centrafrique (AEC)

    Secrétaire Général: Pasteur Franco Mbaye-Mbondoi
    Président: Guerekoyame – Gbangou Nicolas

  • Alliance des Missions et Eglises Evangéliques au Niger (AMEEN)

    Président: Rev. KIMSO Boureima

  • Alliance Évangélique au Rwanda (AER)

    Secrétaire Général: Gahungu Bunini
    Président: Rev. Dr. A. Paul Gitwaza

  • Alliance Evangelique Madagascar

    General Secretary: Pr. Andriatiana Rija
    Chairman / President: Rev. Dinah Ratsimbajaona

  • Alliance Evangeliques Au Congo (A.E.C)

    General Secretary:  Rev. NGIRABO Israel
    President: Rev. RUGORORA Nzaboninpa

  • Association des Églises et Missions Évangéliques de Guinée (AEMEG)

    General Secretary : Saa David KAMANO
    Président: Rev. Pierre Raphael SAGNO

  • Association des Groupements d’Églises et Missions Protestantes Évangéliques au Mali (AGEMPEM)

    Secrétaire Général:
    Président: Youssouf Dembele

  • Association Evangelica de Moçambique (AEM)

    General Secretary: Alfonso Chinguvo

  • Association of Evangelicals in Eritrea (AEE)

    General Secretary: Rev. Zecharias Abraham
    Chairman: Oqbay Zere
    Treasurer: Pastor Bahta Haile

  • Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL)

    General Secretary: Rev. Isaac S. Wheigar
    President: Dr. Samuel K. Monwell

  • Entente des Eglises et Missions Evangeliques au Tchad (EEMET)

    Secrétaire Général : Rev. Souina Potifar

  • Evangelical Alliance of Angola (EAA)

    General Secretary: Rev. Antonio Mussaqui
    Chairman: Rev Nascimento David

  • Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK)

    General Secretary: Mrs. Connie Kivuti
    Chairman: Bishop Mark Kariuki

  • Evangelical Alliance of South Sudan

    General Secretary : Bishop Arkanjelo Wani Lemi
    President: Bishop Elias Taban

  • Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM)

    General Secretary: Rev. Francis Mkandawire
    Chairman: Rev. Dr. Chatha Msangaambe

  • Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE)

    Board Chair, Pastor Zerihun Degu
    General Secretary, Pastor/Dr. Seleshi Kebede

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFB)

    General Secretary: Moses Mosigi

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Namibia (EFN)

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone (EFSL)

    General Secretary: Rev. Jonathan Titus-Williams
    President: Rev. Usman J. Fornah

  • Evangelical Fellowship of the Gambia (EFG)

    General Secretary: Pastor Meribole Chinedum
    President: Rev. Francis Forbes

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Tunisia

    General Secretary :Jean Gentille NZABARUSHIMANA

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU)

    General Secretary : Christopher Yikii
    Chairman: Rev. Simeon Peter Emiau

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ)

    General Secretary: –
    Chairman: Bishop Paul Mususu

  • Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ)

    President: Dr Shingi Munyeza
    General Secretary: Mr. Blessing Makwara

  • Fédération des Églises et Missions Évangéliques du Bénin (FEMEB)

    General Secretary: Pasteur Theodore Houngbedji
    Président: Pasteur Sambieni Pascal

  • Fédération des Églises et Missions Évangéliques du Burkina Faso (FEME)

    Sécrétaire Général: Rev. YE Henri
    Président: Rev. Samuel YAMEOGO

  • Fédération Évangélique de Côte d’Ivoire (FECI)

    Directeur Exécutif: Mr. Ouattara Koffi Tehua
    Président: Rev GBOAGNON Appollinare

  • Fellowship of Christian Churches in Mauritius (FCCM)

    General Secretary: Pastor Jean Michael Ah Chip
    Chairman: Rev Mario Li-Hing

  • Fraternité Évangélique du Sénégal (FES)

    Secrétaire General: Jacques TEGUEL
    Président: Pst. Wally SARR

  • Igreja Evangelica de Guinea-Bissau (IEGB)

  • National Association of Evangelicals of Ghana (NAEG)

    General Secretary: Rev. Divine Kumah
    Chair: Rev. Jude Hama

  • Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship (NEF)

    General Secretary: James Akinyele
    President: Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri

  • Swaziland Conference of Churches (SCC)

    General Secretary: Rev Winston Shongwe
    President: Bishop Stephen Masilela

  • Tanzania Evangelical Fellowship (TEF)

  • The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA)

    General Secretary: Mr. Moss Ntlha
    Chairman: Dr. J. Lapoavta

aea-associate-marker-32Associate members are Christian organizations operating in Africa whose field of operation extends beyond a national boundary.

  • Africa Inland Mission

    37 Alexandra Park
    Bristol BS6 6QB
    T: +44 0117 942 9771 Fax: +44 0117 944 4134
    Email: Lanny_Arensen@aimint.org
    International Director: Rev Lanny Arensen
    Nairobi Office: Mr. Colin Earnshaw
    Email: director.is@aimint.org

  • Africa Leadership & Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)

    P.O. Box 10558
    00100 Nairobi GPO
    Mr. Hesbone Kang’e
    Vice President for Programs and Development
    Tel: +254 733 825 010 / +254 707 595 635

  • Biblica Africa


    P.O. Box 60595

    Nairobi, Kenya

    T: +254 2 2722 681/2 F: +254 2 2710 583

    E-mail: Munengi.Mulandi@biblica.com

    Director: Rev. Munengi Mulandi


  • Christian Broadcasting Network, inc


    977 Centerville, Turnpike SHB 307

    Virginia Beach  VA 23463

    President : Micheal Little

    Regional Director, Africa : Jon Cassel

    Email:  jon.cassel@cbn.org

    Contact Person Edouard Yao



  • Compassion International


    Africa Area Office

    P.O. Box 76263

    Nairobi, Kenya

    T: +254 20 3877806/7/8

    F: +254 2 272 0155

    Vice President: Sidney Muisyo

    Email:  SMuisyo@us.ci.org

    Senior Director- Africa Regional Advocacy : Joseph Mayala

    Email: jmayala@compassion.com


  • Navigators Africa Region


    P.O. Box 49241

    Nairobi, Kenya

    T: +254 2 2724 120 / 2715 309 F: +254 2 2727 933

    E-mail: bulus@navigatorsafrica.org

    Director:  Bulus Sailas Bossan

  • Open Doors/ Africa Services

    Open Doors/ Africa Services

    Kenya Project Office                                                                                                                         

    P.O. Box 30870 – 00100 GPO

    Nairobi, Kenya

    TF: +254 2 2720 959 T: +254 2 2715 762

    E-mail:  erics@intcoment.net

    Director:  Eric Simiyu


  • World Vision International


    P.O. Box 50816

    Nairobi, Kenya

    T: +254 2 883 652 F: +254 2 334 080 E-mail: Daniel_muvengi@wvi.org

    Regional Director: Dr. Daniel Muvengi


  • Wycliffe Global Alliance


    P.O. Box 44456

    00100 Nairobi GPO


    T: +254+ 2 2724 744 Fax: +254 2 2718 220 Email: mundara@wycliffe.net

    Africa Area Director: Mundara Muturi

    President: Dr Richard Hugonoiot

aea-special-marker-32Special memberships are local church or an entire denomination existing in a nation where circumstances prohibit the formation of a National Fellowship; or, a local church, a denomination, a diocese or synod of a denomination in a nation where a National Fellowship exists but seeks direct link with the AEA and such as has been approved by the Executive. In the case of the latter, all seeking membership shall go through the National Fellowship.

  • Église Évangélique des Amis du Burundi

    Réprésentant Légal: Pasteur David Niyonzima

  • Evangelical Alliance of Cameroun

    Secrétaire Général: Libeng Jean libom


  • AEA Evangelism and Missions Commission

    AEA encourages and assists emerging indigenous mission organizations in Africa through its Commission on Evangelism and Missions by providing them a platform for fellowship and exhange of ideas and strategies. It encourages research on the unreached peoples in Africa and serves as a liaison between missionary sending agencies and receiving fields. It also stirs up evangelism at the grass root level by encouraging the formation of evangelism departments in the local churches, which in turn belong to the National Evangelism Committee.

    Contact Us:
    Evangelism & Missions Commission
    P.O. Box 49332


    Kampala: Plot 981, Kyabangu Road, Najjanankumbi,

    P.O. Box 22546, Kampala, Uganda

    Telephone: +256714023580

    Email: ardc@aeafrica.org

  • Pan African Christian Women Alliance in Africa (PACWA)

    The Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA) is a Commission of the Association of
    Evangelicals in Africa (AEA). Its mandate is to support evangelical Christian women grow in
    the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and in ministry to other women in the continent.

    Mrs. Fortuna Tioye
    Executive Secretary
    Email: fortuna@aeafrica.org
    Pan-African Christian Women Alliance in Africa (PACWA)/ Alliance des
    Femmes Evangeliques en Afrique (AFEA) Association of Evangelicals in Africa Women’s Commission
    P. O. Box 49332-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
    PACWA Desk Cel. Phone: +254-41404069, Cel. Phone: +254713986906
    Skype: fortuna.tioye


  • Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA)

    ACTEA – Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa
    (Formerly, Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa)-
    P. O. Box 49332-00100,
    Office Tel: +254-721 571 549/ 738 316 541
    Nairobi, Kenya. 




  • Africa Bible Commentary

  • Africa International University – AIU (formerly NEGST)

    P.O.  Box 24686



    T: + 254 2 882038 / 2104/5 Fax: +254 2 882906

    Email: Vice.Chancellor@africainternational.edu  or Dankit.Nassiuma@africainternational.edu

    Vice Chancellor: Prof. Dankit Nassiuma


  • Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA/ COHETA)

    AEA Building, Valley Road,
    P. O. Box 49332-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
    Office Tel. No.: (254) 020-272-2769 (Landline)
    Mobile Tel Nos.: (254)721-571549 ((254) 738-316541.
    Website: www.ACTEAweb.org
    Office Emails: actea.africa@gmail.com / director@acteaweb.org

  • Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (BEST)

    BP 988
    Central Africa Republic
    T: +236 70 025179 Fax: +236 61 0000 Email: FATEB.BEST@laposte.net
    Principal: Dr Nupanga Wa Weanzana – nupangaw@yahoo.fr or nupangaw@fateb.net

  • Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (BEST)

    BP 988


    Central Africa Republic

    T: +236 70 025179 Fax: +236 61 0000 Email:

    Email: nupangaw@yahoo.fr or nupangaw@fateb.net

    Principal: Dr Nupanga Wa Weanzana



  • Christian Learning Materials Centre -CLMC

    P.O. Box 24345

    Karen, Nairobi


    Managing Director: Lucy Mutiso

    Email : Lucy E.B  blessedlucy@gmail.com


  • Christian Learning Materials Centre (CLMC/CMIC)

    P.O. Box 24345
    Karen, Nairobi
    T: +254 2 882667 / 883816 Fax: +254 2 882048
    Email: Director@christianlearning.or.ke or clearning@wananchi.com
    Managing Director:

  • Proclamation de l’Evangile par Les Médias en Afrique (PEMA) – ACT