Register for the AEA General Assembly

With the ever-changing landscape that the COVID 19 pandemic continues to present, and the logistics and technical aspects involved in hosting a face-to-face General Assembly meeting, the leadership of AEA is proposing a hybrid (online and in-person) meeting in Nairobi from the 23-26 February 2021. We plan to host a maximum of two representatives from each National Alliance and member organisation on-site in Nairobi and arrange to have others participate and follow the proceedings online.

The change of location from Kigali to Nairobi will allow the AEA secretariat (based in Nairobi, Kenya) to make the necessary investment for a hybrid meeting that accommodates those that will follow and participate in the proceedings via video link.

We hope that each alliance will email us their respective nominees that will attend the gathering in Nairobi and the other voting members who would be participating online.

This General Assembly is particularly important for AEA and the Church in Africa. We would be ushering in the next General Secretary and the management team, launching Vision2066, electing Board members, adopting amended AEA constitution etc. We would also have an opportunity to appreciate the out-going Secretary-General of the WEA, Bishop Efraim Tendero and welcome his successor, Bishop Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher, and more.

We will continue to inform you about the specific details of the programme, including timetable, speakers etc.

Both nominees for the physical gathering and online participants should register below. We will be sending key GA updates to registrants.