Rev. Dr. Aiah Foday-Khabenje (Front)

It is the beginning of a new year and indeed a new decade; the third in the twenty first century in the year of our Lord, AD 2020 and in sixth millennial of human culture, according to biblical information. An era when human quest to discover the world continues to make tremendous advances. The internet, space exploration, transfer of intelligence from humans, without the emotion, to objects, like computers (artificial intelligence)—robotics; drones; genetic engineering or biotechnology, cloning, nanotechnologies, deep-sea  habitation etc. These developments are laudable for human advancement but certainly not without perils, especially when humans behave as if God is irrelevant.   

In spite of the gargantuan advancement, like no other time in human history, people have not learnt to do what they were created for: to love God and to serve him and love neighbour (fellow humans) like self, as image bearers of the Almighty God, our Creator. Humans can’t have their cake and eat it. We cannot play God.

The consequence of the first couples’ impertinence in the Garden was a choice for letting go of the Godly nature of humans and taking on Adamic nature, of human depravity, in need of redemption. Not even the Flood waters could completely obliterate the sin bent and evil prone heart of humans. Righteous Noah was found in drunken stupor shortly after coming out of the ark.  The prideful nature of people exalted itself in the Tower of Babel; likened to the current build up in the ascendency to the apex of human achievement, without God.  

With the dynamic change and fluidity of our world; there remains one constant; the Unchangeable anchor—God; God who was, God who is and God who is to come. He is from eternity to eternity. God is Love and Just; revealed in creation, revealed in Scripture and fully and ultimately revealed in the God-man Jesus Christ. The Merciful, Gracious, Loving, kind and just God is a Missionary God. He is always on the move to reach out for you and lost humanity and has covenanted, to be their God and them His people—if they would listen and follow him in obedience. The faithful God who demonstrates his Love in covering human nakedness when they cannot not help themselves, provides an ark to escape the flood waters, averts the peril of pride by pulling down the prideful tower and well able to cool scorching earth.

God’s love and justice were reconciled by his grace, in the sacrificial death on the Cross of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save and redeem us. God so loves us that he laid down the life of His Son in our place and at the same time, fulfil His righteous requirement for our sins—God’s Grace. For all have sinned and the penalty for sin is death, except for the salvation in Jesus Christ by His death on the Cross. While we were still sinners, God extended this Grace—Prevenient-Grace. To be saved, one has to accept this offer by faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ wants everyone to clearly have the opportunity to understand this offer; he invests in training Apostles and Disciples and established the Church to ensure the Good news gets out to everyone. He gives us His Word and sends the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide and empower us to reveal Jesus Christ to lost humanity by proclaiming His Word ( the Good News). To all who receive Him (hear the Good News and put their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord), He gives them power to become children of God. He did not only equip us for the commission but also, He promises to be with us always till the end of the age as we go. As children of God, we show our respect for Christ when we follow what He has commissioned us to do:

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:19-20).

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has declared this decade (2020-20300, Decade of Disciple-Making; resounding the call of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is not an option for any Christian. To in fact say you are a Christian is to say, making disciples, because you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In an increasingly troubled world in the new decade, our safety and peace is in the name of the Lord, a strong fortress; the godly run to Him and are safe (Prov. 18:10). We have a reason to be that indeed, you (the Church, disciples of Jesus Christ) hold the key to bringing hope to our troubled world—Light in darkness and salt to a wounded and decaying society. Watch this space for a roadmap for the AEA in our journey together.

Shalom for the Decade and always.

Aiah Foday-Khabenje

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