Association of Evangelicals in Africa

The Africa God wants

The Afroscope podcast premiered on the 15th of December 2021 with shows in both English and French. The Bi-weekly podcast will be available on the Edifi Podcast Network where a collection of transformational and faith-inspiring podcasts are hosted through Edifi one of the most powerful Christian podcasting apps. To download the app please click here

The Afroscope podcast is poised to share captivating, transformational content from Africa to the World. To listen to the first episodes of the podcast, please click here

The podcast will allow evangelical leaders across the continent to engage in conversations that will seek to address the intricate issues facing the church in Africa. It will be a platform to mobilize the reached church in Africa to missions into unreached Africa. It will seek to provide an avenue for capacity building of the National Evangelical Alliances and partner organizations who are working with the church to ensure both the proclamation and the demonstration of the gospel.

Media is a very powerful tool in providing a narrative for culture. The podcast will tailor-make programs to address culturally relevant issues. With the fast pace with which media technology is evolving, podcasting is the fastest growing medium for conversations. In the words of the General Secretary, AEA Dr Master Matlhaope, this podcast will be a mouthpiece for Evangelicals in Africa.

The podcast begins the efforts of building a diverse network of resources that will shape the face of Christian culture in Africa and beyond.