Please consider giving to the ministry of AEA.

  1. AEA: General Fund

    Impact and transform lives . Give what you can to support our work today. AEA works through various commissions; including: Women, Theology and Christian Education, Evangelism and Mission, Ethics, Peace and Justice, Relief and Development, Communication, Youth and Sports, Evangelical Focus on Children and Stewardship and Accountability. The focus is also on leadership development and church mobilization for advancing the Kingdom of God and societal transformation across Africa.
    $500.00 donated
  2. AEA Building Project: The Africa Evangelical Centre

    The ‘Africa Evangelical Centre’ project development was mooted to provide a financial backbone towards the organisation's self-sustenance and is tied in its vision towards encouraging African churches to take responsibility for Africa. On completion, the AFRICA EVANGELICAL CENTRE shall provide revenue streams that will be channeled in building the capacity of various commissions within the AEA framework and meeting the need of the wider community we serve. We are calling on every Christian to contribute at least one dollar towards the establishment of The Africa Evangelical Centre for appreciable and sustainable rental income for the ministry of AEA. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this project to galvanize our unity of purpose, commitment to the ministry of AEA and arouse our spirits and rekindle hope for overcoming own challenges for our dignity and sustainability. Please commit to give a donation of any amount towards the completion of the Africa Evangelical Centre situated in Nairobi, Kenya.
    $2,720,000.00 donated of $5,826,000.00 goal