The Growth and Expectation – The National Evangelical Alliance of Tanzania

Growth and Expectation – The National Evangelical Alliance of Tanzania

by Dr. Ted Barnett, AEA Consultant

An AEA Team was in Tanzania from August 8-16, 2017 which included AEA Board Member, Joseph Mayala and his wife Naillah; Ezekiel Jako, Director of AEA’s Evangelism and Missions Commission; and AEA Consultant, Ted Barnett and his wife Martha.

The results of the visit included:

    • Dar es Salaam: 20 Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) leaders and pastors in Dar es Salaam participated in Ezekiel Jako’s seminar focusing on galvanizing the AICT churches to Reach Islamic Unreached People Groups. The seminar concluded with the AICT identifying approximately 10 unreached people groups in Tanzania, summarizing the impact of the gospel made to date in each group, and then discussing strategies and plans to see these people groups become discipled as followers of Jesus Christ.

Leaders keenly following training in Tanzania

  • Mwanza, Nassa: Approximately 12 AICT leaders and pastors attended a similar seminar in Mwanza as was offered in Dar es Salaam with a similar process and result. The seminar was followed by a visit to Nassa. We discovered a newly formed missions focus within Nassa Theological College (NTC). The AEA team discussed with NTC how it could encourage and perhaps partner with their efforts to infect the entire AICT church and other denominations throughout Tanzania with a mission’s vision and passion. We also were encouraged to see 5 leaders from other denominations in Dar es Salaam join together to embrace AEA and take on the challenge of galvanizing the other church leaders across Tanzania in revitalizing the NEF in Tanzania. This enthusiasm increased as we met with 20 leaders of other denominations in Mwanza who also were committed to revitalizing AEA in Tanzania, which would include AEA’s evangelism and mission priorities.
  • The next step requested by the AEA team is for the AEA General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Aiah Foday-Khabenje to make a short trip to Tanzania to reboot the NEF there. The unified efforts of the church in Tanzania will be a huge step toward galvanizing the church of Tanzania toward reaching and discipling all the unreached people groups of Tanzania.