AEA Governing Council Overview

The Governing Council is a key Governance meeting and AEA organ that meets at least once every two years. It derives its mandate from the General Assembly to which also Reports. It is chaired by the AEA President.

Can I take part as an observer?

Yes! You can attend as an observer and also sit in during the GC Business Sessions.

AEA Friends and Partners, Research Students and Individual Christians can also register and attend the GC.

Who else should attend the Council Meetings?

  • The Chairperson and General Secretary of each Member National Alliance.
  • AEA Associate Member representatives
  • The Head of each Special Member
  • Heads of All AEA Projects and Commissions
  • The AEA Executive Board

What is the role of the GC?

  • Nomination of candidates for the offices of the President, Vice President and Treasurer of
  • AEA, and their presentation to the General Assembly for election.
  • Appointment of an AEA Executive Board guided by the Board’s composition
  • Appointment of the General Secretary for ratification by the General Assembly.
  • Preparation of any proposed Constitutional amendments as submitted by the Executive Board and presentation of the same to the General Assembly for approval.
  • Discipline of any AEA member and reporting such case to the General Assembly.
  • Receiving reports from the Executive Board.

* The Council meetings shall be convened by the General Secretary at the instruction of the AEA President. The quorum shall be a simple majority of paid-up members. Voting in the Council shall require full payment of membership dues for members.

Have you registered for the upcoming AEA Governing Council?

The 2017 AEA Governing Council will be held at Dimmesse Sisters –Karen, Nairobi from 28-30 November 2017. Registration for the Governing council is now open. Click here to register.