May 1, 2024

Despite significant advancements, women in Africa continue to face financial hurdles, such as low savings rates and the burden of caregiving duties. These challenges hinder their ability to achieve financial independence and economic stability. Recognizing the need to address these issues, the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) has taken a proactive step through its Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA). PACWA has launched a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO), which aims to promote financial awareness and literacy among Christian women.

In alignment with AEA’s overarching goal of “The Africa God Wants,” this initiative seeks to empower women across the continent. The campaign is driven by the belief that financial empowerment is crucial for the overall development and well-being of women, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their communities and the economy at large.

The launch of the SACCO was spearheaded by PACWA’s Executive Director, Irene Kibagendi, and its President, Miriam M’Nairobi. They recently organized a pre-cooperative meeting in Kenya, which brought together Christian women from various denominations. This gathering marked the beginning of the SACCO registration process in Kenya. The meeting featured a cooperative officer who provided valuable insights into the cooperative movement in Kenya. The officer educated the attendees about the different types of cooperatives, their statutes, and the legal frameworks governing them. This knowledge is essential for ensuring that the women who become members of the SACCO can make informed financial decisions.

PACWA’s initiative is not just about creating a financial institution; it is about fostering a culture of financial literacy and empowerment among African women. The organization aims to equip women with the skills and knowledge needed to manage their finances effectively, save for the future, and invest in their communities. By doing so, PACWA hopes to break the cycle of financial dependency and create a new generation of financially savvy women leaders.

Looking ahead, PACWA intends to expand this initiative beyond Kenya to other African countries. The goal is to create a network of SACCOs that will support women across the continent, providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. This ambitious vision reflects PACWA’s commitment to the holistic development of African women, aligning with the broader mission of the AEA to create “The Africa God Wants.”

In conclusion, PACWA’s Savings and Credit Cooperative Society represents a significant step forward in addressing the financial challenges faced by women in Africa. Through financial literacy and cooperative support, PACWA aims to empower women, enabling them to achieve economic independence and contribute to the development of their communities. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of targeted efforts to uplift and support women across the continent.L