18th May 2024

Fédération Évangélique de Côté d’Ivoire (FECI), the Evangelical Alliance of Côté d’Ivoire hosted their National ‘Journée de l’unité Évangélique’ at the historic Houphet Boigny Stadium in the capital city, Abidjan.

Thousands of member church faithful attended the colourful event characterised by song, dance, prayer, processions and speeches by religious and political leaders.

AEA Secretary General, Dr. Master Matlhaope deliverd a spirited call to the church in Cóté d’Ivoire to rally behind AEA’s vision of ‘The Africa God wants’. He made reference to the African Union’s Vision 2063 – ‘the Africa we want’ and drew parallels between the two visions. The Africa God wants is a vision for the African continent that is holistic and transformative.

The mayor of the city of Abidjan was at hand to welcome the guests to the city. Government representatives from the government Ministry in church of religious affairs also addressed the colourful occasion.

The highlight was FECI’s statement in the family, a bold step by the church taking a stand to defend the family as defined and prescribed in Scripture. Their statement was delivered amidst growing calls for liberalism and progressive thinking in the church in Africa which is viewed as efforts to erode the family unit as God purposed it.

The FECI Executive Secretary, Dr. David Silué shared a brief history of how the alliance was formed in the pre-independence years and how it has grown and developed over the years.

The day ended in a concert that featured different worship teams and choirs from FECI member churches.