AEA Hosts Inaugural Partners’ Day 

On the 25th of May, AEA hosted a successful and colourful dinner at the Nairobi Serena Hotel, graced by key evangelical leaders, including AEA board members, National Evangelical Fellowship leaders and leaders of like-minded Christian organizations. The dinner was aimed at fostering collaboration between leaders of influence in the continent and raising funds to achieve AEA’s vision.

Throughout the speeches, the theme lingered on exploring how the long-term vision of the Africa God wants will be achieved and how Africans continue to hold the greatest responsibility in realizing this vision. The Chief Guest, Prof. PLO Lumumba – a renowned public speaker and Professor of Public Law – pointed out that Africa was rich in natural resources yet, it is oxymoronic that despite all these resources, Africa remains poor, underdeveloped and unable to realize its potential. He said, “Therefore, since praying and fasting alone cannot make Africa realize its full potential, we must interrogate the authenticity of our Christianity and ask pertinent questions, just as the Berean Christians were lauded for examining the teachings of the Apostle Paul.”

He added, “Firstly, we must ask why corruption runs deep in the African fabric, yet we have the highest numbers of Christians in the world? Why do we judge each other on tribal and ethnic lines? Why can we not utilize our natural resources to build the Africa God wants?” With these questions, Prof. PLO urged all evangelicals to take their Christian duty fully by evaluating what we have in our hands. He noted that spiritual leaders must be ready to speak the truth and ready to confront vices in the social, political, and economic spaces. “What is more, every Christian in Africa must make their contribution spiritually and financially; this is because a Christian surrendered to the will of God is a proper instrument in God’s hands.” He stressed.

AEA’s mission is to mobilize and empower evangelicals for the transformation of the African continent through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The strategic plans laid down to accomplish this mission include implementing a research-led programmatic agenda, advocacy for freedom of worship and persecution of the minority, relief development, prevention of human trafficking, and establishment of a resource centre that enables podcasts, digital radio, and TV broadcasting. We urge all Christians and organizations to partner with AEA to make this a reality as we work toward the Africa God wants.