Praise and Thanksgiving Report 2019

Official Opening of the AEA Plaza
Praise and Thanksgiving Report 2019
As the year comes to an end; we take the opportunity to praise God; the shepherd of our lives, our guide and sustainer and from whom all blessings flow. To him be glory, honour and adoration forever and ever. We thank God for seeing us through another year. We are particularly grateful for some ‘milestones’ or rather ‘altars of praise’ when we felt a special presence and encounter with God, in our journey in 2019:

Launch and opening of AEA Plaza
In first quarter of 2019 our focus was on the official opening of our new office complex.
The leadership of the global evangelical community and other partners including the the African diplomatic caucus, church leaders and government officials joined us to unveil the building on April 2019. We also hosted the annual global leadership team in Nairobi. God also favoured us to secure a local loan structured for a long term repayment plan.

AEA 2019 Theological Consultation
We convened a Theological Consultation in Nairobi, Kenya throughout the week (September 9th through 13th). Approximately 300 church leaders from the National Evangelical Alliances, theological educators, publishers and grassroots pastors gathered from 27 countries across Africa. This consultation challenged the participants to scale up biblical and theological training of another 20% of pastors and church leaders in Africa over the next five years. 

AEA Vision 2066
AEA initiated a consultative process that sought to assess the past as well as define the areas of focus going forward. This process was designed to culminate into a detailed Vision 2066 and a five years’ strategic plan running from 2019- 2024. This process is well underway with the consultants having obtained responses from 21 member national alliances represented by 32 respondents, four regional presidents, 10 associate members, three projected represented by over 20 individuals, the AEA secretariat, student leaders, young professionals, and church and para church leaders. The outcome document will be presented at the AEA General Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda from the 23-29 August 2020.

The World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly
AEA was honoured to serve various roles in the just concluded WEA General Assembly. It is important to note that the AEA Leadership, cognizant of the fact that the WEA was holding its General Assembly after an 11 years hiatus, thought it would be expedient to postpone the AEA General Assembly to 2020 instead of 2019 as originally planned. This was to ensure maximum participation from the Africa region.
The AEA Secretariat team led by the General Secretary also played various roles in ensuring the WEA GA was a success. Rev. Dr. Aiah Foday-Khabenje was charged with fundraising for the GA, while the AEA Operations and Communication Manager –Jim Olang was part of the WEA GA communications team.
Outcomes:The WEA General Assembly endorsed the following AEA leaders to serve in the WEA International Council. (1.) Dr. Goodwill Shana – Chairman of the International Council and President of AEA (2.) Dr. Mario Li Hing – Member International Council and Chair of the AEA Executive Board.
In addition, AEA’s nominee – Ms. Palmira dos Santos – from Angola was also elected to serve at the WEA IC. Ms. Palmira is a member of the Evangelical Church of Lubango and serves as the National director of Youth for Christ in Angola. She also serves as the Vice President of Princes and Princesses- an Evangelical teaching ministry for teenagers and young people. Ms Palmira speaks English, Portuguese and French, is 31 years old and holds a Master Degree in Education Sciences.