World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Meetings

The AEA President, Bishop Dr Goodwill Shana and the General Secretary Rev. Dr Aiah Foday-Khabenje represented the Africa region at week-long meetings of the World Evangelical Alliance, in Fort Lauderdale, FL USA, March 2-7, 2018. The AEA leaders attended three back to back meetings; the annual International Leadership Meeting (ILM), Strategic Framework Review meeting March 5-8) and the International Council (IC). AEA President, Dr. Shana, sits on the International Council with the AEA General Secretary sitting on the ILM, but both participated in the strategic task-force meeting.

This year’s meetings were particularly important as the agenda was all about the structural framework review of WEA. This process attempts to foster collaboration among the various entities of WEA and how to position the movement for efficiency and effectiveness. The conversation took into account the the contemporary issues impacting the witness of the church. Details and outcomes of these deliberations will be communicated from the office of the WEA Secretary General, as and when these are available.