Greetings from the Incoming AEA General Secretary

We will always look back to the indelible marks of our previous General Secretaries/CEOs and forever appreciate their courageous sacrifices to make the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) what it is today. Without their input, we would not be where we are. My predecessor and out-going General Secretary in particular – Dr. Aiah Foday-Khabenje, has been phenomenal and will remain iconic to our great Organization. His legacy remains and only grace can fill his shoes.

To every African Evangelical Christian in the continent and the diaspora, you are the reason for AEA’s existence. We look up to you for prayers and support.

The beauty and strength of AEA is its sub-sets of tri-phone diversity – Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone. Within these large sets are other diversities within various National Alliances that include States, Provinces, Districts, Cities, Towns and Villages with various languages and dialects. This forms the tapestry and enhancement of AEA and will always be respected, guarded and celebrated.

 The AEA Vision insignia –of the “Africa God wants” is such an authentic biblical and spiritual dream that should resonate with every Evangelical Christian and Evangelical entity. Our mission of being the light and salt of the world should be holistic in essence. The internal potency of the church should also be visible, for the church is both spiritual and physical. The kingdom of God is transcendent and should permeate every sphere of existence. Its presence should be felt spiritually, socio-economically, politically, and in environmental and educational space of communities. Our timeless prayer- “…Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” should be evident in our communities. This is because communities are not a product of chance, but are formed and actively created by their members. People and social systems are inseparable and create each other. Evangelicals across the continent should not be passive but be active participants who help shape communities.

In as much as our spirituality is sacrosanct, our institutional framework should be equally strong. This will enhance interconnectedness, interrelatedness, interdependence and mutual respect between us and our communities. In this way, the present reality of God’s kingdom will lead to the quality of existence for our peoples and their environment. In this way, we will be contributing to transformational development, which will lead to the “Africa that God Wants.” A united and assertive Africa, a Continent free from violence and extreme poverty, a rich Continent with rich people, a continent known by the rule of law, a corruption-free Africa that values and invests on its human capital, a well-governed, holistically transformed Africa with strong, healthy and thriving communities – TOGETHER AS EVANGELICALS WE CAN ATTAIN THAT AFRICA-THE AFRICA THAT GOD WANTS.

Shalom and grace.
Dr. M.O. Matlhaope