AEA-ACTEA Consultation On Upscaling Biblical And Theological Training To Christian Leaders

AEA-ACTEA consultation on upscaling non-formal biblical and theological training to Christian leaders in Africa came to a close today, with theological educators from all over the world agreeing to work together towards this necessary project.

While making his concluding speech, the Secretary General of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA), Dr. Master Matlhaope, noted that this mission is urgent.

One of the cries he has heard from the African communities is for a church that is responsive to the needs the community, hence the need for a contextualized curriculum. He therefore called on formal entities including Africa International University (AIU), to create an interface of the formal and the non-formal, and to be open to this project. This would also ensure that the formal validates the non-formal.

As he dismissed the participants, Dr. Master encouraged them to carry this burden back to their countries. He encouraged these leaders to keep meeting on this issue as often as possible as the mission unfolds so as to strengthen base. Otherwise this consultation would be irrelevant. He also reminded the participants that we are mortal thus having no much time and therefore should do our part and ensure that the next generations are in a better place.

As the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, we have committed to continue enhancing our oneness based on our alliances; the unity that our Lord prayed for. (John 17:20-26)