The Association of Evangelicals in Africa announced, during the just concluded 50th Anniversary celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya, that it set to complete its rebranding with the launch of its new logo. The new logo has been designed to reflect a sense of change while reminding us to remain true to the core values of AEA.

This fresh visual identity, displaying a bold interaction of colours and angles, vibrantly captures the dynamic character of the AEA. The concept is simple and combines a Bible symbol which connects to and unifies Africa visually.  In the logo, Africa is contained in, or emerges from, the Scripture with the various coloured sections representing diversity being untied and represented through the cross. The “dots” in the map depict countries in the Island region of Africa.

AEA will also launch the new website in January, 2017. The website will be compatible with smart phones and tablets and features a user-friendly navigation system and streamlined information flow that allows AEA’s partners and visitors to find resources more easily.

From now on you will notice changes in all new AEA publications, stationery, signage and a soon to be launched website.

Special thanks to our members, friends and our colleagues in AEA for their time, patience and expertise in developing the new logo.