The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) stands as a beacon of unity and purpose among Evangelicals across the continent. With a compelling vision of Evangelicals in Africa united in biblical theology and transformative mission for the expansion of God’s kingdom, AEA is dedicated to fostering a cohesive and dynamic Christian community.

The mission of AEA extends beyond theological unity to encompass a transformative approach to ministry. This transformative mission seeks to bring about positive change in individuals, communities, and societies at large. By engaging in various forms of outreach, education, and social action, AEA aims to address the spiritual and physical needs of people across Africa.

One of the remarkable aspects of AEA’s vision is its emphasis on unity in diversity. Africa is a continent rich in cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity, and AEA recognizes the strength that comes from this diversity. By promoting inclusivity and mutual respect, AEA ensures that the diversity of its members enhances rather than hinders their collective mission.

The realization of AEA’s vision requires a collaborative effort from all members of the evangelical community in Africa. This includes churches, ministries, and individual believers who are committed to the cause. By working together, sharing resources, and supporting one another, the evangelical community can achieve greater impact and reach more people with the message of hope and salvation through our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.